Our Partners

We would like to recognize the following partners who are working collaboratively with the NCHC to provide integrated care and support to newcomers of refugees in Edmonton.

Catholic Social Services

Catholic Social Services (CSS) welcomes government-assisted refugees from the moment of their arrival and offers intensive support for the first six weeks. CSS also does some work with privately sponsored refugees. NCHC office is currently providing services at CSS Reception House, the short-term housing arrangement operated by Catholic Social Services for newly arriving government-assisted refugees. Learn more.


The North Edmonton Primary Care Network (PCN) has been heavily involved in the NCHC planning process. It offers primary care that encompasses physician services, mental health and social work support, nutrition, exercise, and foot care. The PCN contributes a nurse practitioner to be a member of the core team of the NCHC and also supports clinicians using phone-based interpretation services. Learn more.


The Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op (MCHB) is staffed by community health workers who try to establish enduring relationships with families, working at multiple levels. Their work includes one-to-one system navigation and advocacy; small group development for mutual support and mutual learning to break social isolation, gain health knowledge and system literacy; community organizing to address health and social issues; coalition building across systems; and strategies that connect people with lived experience and system planners. Learn more.

Alberta Health Services

AHS has worked with the Refugee Health Coalition to understand the needs of the refugee population and determine the best model of health care to support those needs, and has participated as a partner in the development of the NCHC. Learn more.


Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN) provides settlement support to privately sponsored refugees and to government-assisted refugees who require further settlement support after one year. Their primary role is to support people in accessing public benefits and the programs of EMCN, including their employment services. Learn more.


Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) strengthens the community by connecting donors and volunteers to right charities. It provides the NCHC with funding supports. Learn more.


The Edmonton O-day’min Primary Care Network (EOPCN) is a team of physicians and other healthcare professionals working together to provide primary care services that meet the needs of their patients. Learn more.

Refugee Health Coalition

The Refugee Health Coalition (RHC) is an advocacy partner, working to address the unique barriers that refugees face in the healthcare system in Edmonton. The RHC also aims to bridge the gap between community organisations and the healthcare system. The RHC was instrumental in establishing the NCHC. Learn more.

University of Alberta

 The University of Alberta (UofA) is a partner in developing the NCHC through the active leadership of academics from different faculties. The Community University Partnership (CUP) has joined the planning process to take the lead role in the design and implementation of an evaluation framework and learning process. Learn more.

Alberta Health

The ministry of Health in Alberta supports the NCHC by providing medical benefits regulation and physicians fundings under Canada non-for-profet Corporations Act. Learn more.


We would like to thank the Catholic Social Services (CSS), the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN), Edmonton North Primary Care Network (EN PCN), Alberta Health Services (AHS), and the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op (MCHB) for their funding contributions that help the NCHC operate.